DJI Mavic Pro Orders Will Ship In Roughly Two Months

The DJI Mavic Pro has been widely talked about not only for its amazing features but also for its shipment failure. Apparently, DJI wasn't able to meet the demand for the Mavic Pro and they are still struggling to send out units to a majority of people who pre-ordered the product. As of a November 3 update from the company, they will be sending out the DJI Mavic Pro to more buyers in seven to eight weeks.

DJI Mavic Pro Coming In Two Months' Time

DJI took to their own forum page to express their apology for the shipment delays of the Mavic Pro. As per the said statement, the company said that they initially expected to start the Mavic Pro shipment mid-October. However, as it turned out, producing top quality units even at full speed took longer than initially planned. The company also shared that they encountered a problem in incorporating a part into the said drone and it took them about a week to resolve it.

DJI says that they have been shipping the Mavic Pro for two weeks now. However, despite non-stop production, the company still cannot provide every buyer a specific ETA of their orders. The demand for the drone is apparently high which results to DJI unable to make the delivery quick for each and every person who pre-ordered the Mavic Pro. As per the said statement, the company promises that they "will do their best" to clear all orders placed before November 3 in seven to eight weeks.

DJI Putting Things Under Control

So far this statement from DJI is the company's most honest explanation of the Mavic Pro shipment fiasco. In fact, this could settle the problem once and for all. Most of the complaints posted online don't exactly root from buyers' haste to get their hands on the Mavic Pro. Most people are just annoyed for the lack of honesty coming from DJI's party. Now that the company has finally provided a more viable delivery date for their drone, people can put their minds at ease. Things, however, will be better for the consumers' end if the company also does something to make cancellations easier to do, or at least give the customers positive reasons not to.

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