'The Sims 4: City Living' Arts Quarter Guide: Apartments, Neighbors And Everything You Need To Know

'The Sims 4: City Living' Arts Quarter Guide: Apartments, Neighbors And Everything You Need To Know
The Sims 4 is expected to officially add vampires in the game via downloadable content. Photo : The Sims/YouTube

Want your Sims to experience the city life? The Sims 4: City Living is bringing its own version of living in the jungle, offering new ways to live. Your Sims are now more likely to live in an apartment, or a penthouse if you're a star, and experience a new culture and a more interesting bunch of neighbors.

There is a total of four neighborhoods in San Myshuno: Spice Market, Arts Quarter, Fashion District and Uptown. The first has already been covered here. This time, we will explore Arts Quarter and what kind of space you can afford with your Simoleons.

The Sims 4: City Living Arts Quarter Apartments

Choosing the Arts Quarter neighborhood will automatically get you two neighbors: the Benali and Jang penthouse. Not counting their residence, you can choose between four spaces. But as always, you can always force them to move out if you want their apartments for yourself.

910 Medina Studios: This is where the Benali household resides. It has one bed and one bath. It costs $400 weekly with $500 deposit. The furnished price is at $8,194, but it badly needs TLC. If you must absolutely reside in the district but have a short budget, then choose this as it is the cheapest one.

920 Medina Studios: It has two beds and one bath, perfect for a couple or BFFs. You have to pay $1,000 per week with $800 deposit, though. You can buy it furnished for $29,380. It is a nice quiet apartment, but it is haunted.

930 Medina Studios: It has three beds and one bath, a more ideal size for a family. Its rent is at $1,200 per week with $1,000 deposit. Furnished price is at $17,545. It has the lot traits Gnomes and Penny Pixies.

121 Hakim House: For two beds and one bath, it is pricier at $1,200 per week with $4,800 deposit. It is a Home Studio with a furnished price of $46,904, but this is where the Hakim household lives.

122 Hakim House: Much larger and nicer, the three-bed and two-bath apartment has a Historical connection to a local artist. It sets you back $1,400 weekly with $5,600 deposit while it is at $67,535 for furnished price.

Fountainview Penthouse: It only has one bed and one bath, which is suitable for a bachelor or bachelorette. Deposit costs $33,768 while furnished is at $49,420. Its lot traits are Great Soil and Natural Light.

The Sims 4: City Living Arts Quarter: What's More?

If your Sim aspires to be an artist someday, it might be better to choose an apartment in the Arts Quarter neighborhood. The apartments are a bit pricier than Spice Market, but here you will have instant access to the Humor and Hijinks Festival. It is scheduled every Friday from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Your Sim will be able to participate in the Pranksters and Jokers challenge, which will have your Sim choose which side they want to be on. Drinking from the Dark Tea fountain sets you in the Pranksters side while the Light Tea fountain is for the Jokesters.

We have more The Sims 4: City Living guides for you. Next, we will cover Fashion District and Uptown. Stay tuned for more updates.

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