'One Piece' Chapter 846 Spoilers: Sanji Falls In Love With Pudding? Pedro And Brook Destroys Sanji's Wedding?

In the latest episode of "One Piece", Sanji is seen agreeing to marry Big Mom's daughter, Pudding. Although it is believed that Sanji only married Pudding to save his friend Luffy, many assume that he could eventually fall in love with Pudding, if not already, and try to make the marriage work. Although many fans think their love story is not a good match and it probably won't last long, his marriage will make it harder for Luffy to get him back on his team.

Before Sanji agreed to marry Pudding, Luffy promised not to move at all, even a muscle unless Sanji comes back. Lufffy ignores Nami's pleads to think wisely as his actions will also threaten his life. Nami knows that Big Mom can hear about Sanji and Luffy's argument and when she does, she can send an army to finish Luffy in an instant. It looks like Nami was right as "One Piece" Chapter 845 shows a huge army heading Luffy's way with the mission to completely eliminate him.

The last episode of "One Piece" shows how Sanji hears about the attack on his brother who seems to be amused with the possibility of Luffy getting killed. This made Sanji decide to give in to Big Mom's demands and marry her daughter. As Sanji negotiates the terms with Big Mom, he also had time to talk with Pudding and discuss their arranged marriage. Pudding assures Sanji about her love and apologizes for her mother's behavior.

The next episode of "One Piece" is expected to show Sanji going on with the arranged marriage but could have a surprise rescue from Brook and Pedro. The duo finds the location of the wedding just before Sanji takes the vow. But will Sanji go with his friends or will he choose to be with Pudding and eventually learn to love her?

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