‘South Park' Latest News: Season 23 Confirmed In 2019; Co-Creators Inspired By Which Show? More Details Here

By Mario Ferrari , Nov 09, 2016 11:59 AM EST

"South Park" has officially been announced to run until season 23 as co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker signed the contract. According to a report, the "South Park" co-creators are highly inspired by the feat "The Simpsons" has just achieved.

"South Park" Season 23 Brewing

"South Park" co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker could now have new concepts brewed in the pipeline for more seasons. According to a report from Den of Geek, Stone and Parker "are signed on through season 23" which will kick off in 2019. Similar report has also outlined that "South Park" should at least produce 300 episodes in total given that everything would go in favor of the crew. For the record, "South Park" season 20, episode 7 "The Very First Gentleman" aired last Wednesday, Nov. 8 is the animated series' 277th episode.

Season 23 Expected Plot

With little to no details available, it is difficult as of now to predict the expected plot of season 23 and how it would go about. Currently though, the series co-creators are still on the verge of showing episode 7 in the wake of the presidential elections. It was already teased that Bill Clinton pays a visit at South Park Elementary School and is expected to put an end to gender war and sexism.

Season 23 Inspired By "The Simpsons"

Last month, "The Simpsons" just made their greatest feat by far for producing its 600th episode titled "Treehouse of Horror XXVII," and creator David Silverman expressed he didn't see the animated comedy series ending soon. This is what inspires Stone and Parker with "South Park" - for people to see the series with no sight of ending.

Is "South Park" going to end after season 23? It is hard to tell this early owing to the fact that the entertainment industry has a lot to consider. Even so, from the looks of it, creators have certainly a very long way to go because fans can't seem to un-love the show.

"South Park" season 20 airs every Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

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