Nintendo Switch' Will Be The Best Device To Play Pokémon Games, But Why?

By Staff writer , Nov 10, 2016 03:20 AM EST

The Nintendo Switch is receiving a huge amount of hype on the gaming industry. Despite the fact that Nintendo will not be ceasing production of the 3DS once the Nintendo Switch rolls out, the company's next-gen system poses an interesting question: since the console can be fully used as a handheld, could it be the very first time that Game Freak's mainline Pokémon games would be released on a Nintendo home console?

Pokémon on the Nintendo Switch finally confirmed!

Pokémon Sun and Moon producer and current member of the board of directors at Game Freak, Junichi Masuda, expressed her opinions on the matter. He stressed that the company is always thinking about what sort of systems would be making the most sense for its games, which are mostly Pokémon. He also mentioned that Game Freak is thinking about what will be coming right after Sun and Moon, which would be released this month, but further, then that, they have nothing to announce.

Why Pokémon and Switch works well together

It does make a lot of sense for the Nintendo Switch to be released along with the newest Pokémon title. Pokémon games have always come out on handhelds during the past because the nature of portability is key to the whole Pokémon experience. Now, with the introduction of the Switch, that experience can finally be achieved through a home console. To top it off, X and Y and Sun and Moon have taken the franchise into full 3D after a long history with sprites. The problem now is that the 3D models look very limited because of the 3D's limited hardware. But the Switch would definitely solve that problem as well.

Nintendo is also considering other game titles

Along with plans on incorporating Pokémon games, Nintendo also considered other game titles like Capcom games. Though there is still no official confirmation with regards to this, it is safe to say that Nintendo is looking forwards towards incorporating more and more famous and known titles into their hybrid console.

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