'Detective Conan' TV Special Delayed? Change Of Date Announced But Later Removed

The much-awaited TV special of "Detective Conan" that is slated to air in December is rumored to be delayed. In a recent post by Honya Club, the TV special titled "Detective Conan Episode "One": The Great Detective Who Shrank" or also known as "Case Closed" in North America is listed to air on December 12 when the show has already been announced before to air on December 9 on Yomiuri TV.

However, the post with the new air date has been immediately removed. Honya Club has yet to comment about the deleted post and if the show will really be delayed. The TV special was in celebration of "Detective Conan" 20th anniversary where it will finally tell what really happened on the day that Shinichi transformed into a child. The story in the TV special is reported to be new material and was not entirely taken from the original manga.

It can be remembered that the first episode of the 20-year-old anime shows Shinichi on a date with Ran at an amusement park. This was followed by the Shinichi and Gin encounter but the whole scenario how it happened was never really shown. This mystery is what excites its fans as they can finally see the complete story of "Detective Conan" from the start.

The series is not only popular in Japan but all around the world including North America under the title of "Case Closed". The TV special was personally managed by Gosho Aoyama and all the director, scriptwriter, character designer, music composer, and editor of the TV anime came back to do the special including Hiroshi Kashiwabara, Yasuichiro Yamamoto, Masatomo Sudo, Katsuo Ono, and Terumitsu Okada. As for the art director, this role was given to Shunichiro Yoshihara who is known for his work for "Bakuori!!" And "Attack on Titan".

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