ASUS Two-Player PC Build With Virtual Machine Software Brings Gaming To A New Level

Games were not the only ones with big surprises during the recently concluded BlizzCon 2016. Computer manufacturer ASUS also had some aces under its sleeve as it introduced its new two-player PC build along with another high-powered laptop.

Called the Unraid Workstation, the two-player PC build is equipped with an ASUS X99 E10 WS4 mother board and 10G ethernet. It also runs on a 6950X CPU and 2 GTX 1080 turbo with 8GB, and a 64 GB DDR 4 memory. It also has the Intel 750 Series PCIe SSD which enables migration from SATA to PCIe 3.0 easier "without power or thermal limitations on performance."

The specs seemed normal like most high quality PC gaming machines in the market. But the coolest thing about the new ASUS PC is that it runs a virtual machine allowing two players to run using one system. That means more space for your play station as you and your friend share one common CPU as you play Overwatch.

Aside from the two-player PC build, ASUS also introduced its G701 gaming laptop which sports a 17-inch screen, 1080p display and 120 Hz screen. According to Greg Checchi, ASUS spokesperson at the BlizzCon, this is the first time ASUS designed a laptop with a high refresh rate.

Speaking of firsts, the G701 laptop is also the first in the ASUS line to have a GTX 1080 GPU with up to 64 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of PCIe SSD. That means this is a very fast and powerful portable gaming machine. Despite its impressive features, the ASUS G701 is thinner than the other 17-inch laptops the computer maker has.

Checchi also mentioned that the G701 is VR ready and you can just plug in any VR headset you have and you're ready to play. Aside from that, the laptop has no optical disc drive and no optical hard drive.

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