Skyrim Special Edition To Be Updated Soon To Fix Latest Patch's Issues

Bethesda just released a new patch for Skyrim Special Edition. However, the developer received some complaints that the patch made a terrible effect in the game. Users are saying that the game is crashing ever since they updated it.

Skyrim Special Edition's Patch Is Ineffective

Bethesda just released the latest update for Skyrim Special Edition for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is intended to fix some issues and bring some improvements, but the fans are not enjoying it. Reports have stated that the game began to crash down as soon as the patch is downloaded.

According to IGN, the patch includes bug fixes on some rare issues regarding the NPCs. Next, the performance and the optimization is improved. The interface elements are now seen in the displays for Xbox One and PS4. Though this all sounds good, it might have brought a bigger problem. 

In a report on Eurogamer, some users of PS4, Xbox One and PC are reporting on Bethesda that Skyrim Special Edition's latest patch is causing problems to the game. When the players try to save their game, it suddenly stops and freeze, causing the game to automatically close.

"We're looking into these crash reports. Thank you for the feedback. We will let you guys know as soon as possible," said the Bethesda community administrator staff. The developer will look for possible solutions to the problems of the patch.

Beta Update For Skyrim Special Edition, Solution For The Crash

Bethesda released a beta update of Skyrim Special Edition on Steam. After the developer released patch 1.1, patch 1.2 is now available. According to VG247, the update includes improvements with mods. Also, the water flow is fixed. Changing from werewolf to human form is not an issue anymore.

In a report on PC Gamer, even if the patch 1.2 is on its beta form only, Bethesda can make sure if there are any problems. If the players are still having an issue, they should try right-clicking the Skyrim SE entry in the Steam library and click Properties.

In the Properties menu, select Betas tab and choose Beta. Finally, click Okay. There will be an indication that the game has been updated successfully. The game's name will change into Skyrim Special Edition (Beta). The players can now play the game without any trouble.

Skyrim Special Edition was just released that is why there are problems in the game. Fans should not worry because Bethesda is dong its best in order to bring the solutions faster. Players need to be patient and try the solutions offered.

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