Now That Donald Trump Assumes Post as US President, Will The Cost Of Health Care Rise?

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini said that as a new administration is about to start in the U.S., the future of Obamacare is also being put into the spotlight with myriad of speculations and controversies. Bertolini believes that health care premiums under the Trump administration are bound to go up, early to mid next year, unless the system is fixed.

Health Care Increased By 41 Percent

In Baton Rogue, it was reported that rates have already gone higher as Obamacare plans hav also been advertised by three of the health care providers in Louisiana with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, increasing their rates to as much as 41 percent on average for 2017. Some customers even suspect that this might even abruptly increase by 54.7 percent in the coming months.

As per CNBC, Bertolini's remarks allegedly came from the notion that U.S. was in the middle of its election period at the time, where health insurance has been a well-known topic. President-elect Donald Trump together with a number of congressional Republicans are believed to have been vocal about their stand to make necessary amends for the Obamacare.

Obamacare Amendments or Possibly A New Version In The Works

Additionally, Bertolini has also claimed that this affordable health care act was founded with the purpose of getting as many people as possible to be involved into the said insurance system. On the other hand, the Republican Party is also said to be making its move as it highly recommends a newer version.

Furthermore, according to The Washington Post, records from the State Department of Insurance suggest that Vantage Health Plan is about to initially implement the 31.5 percent increase and a Humana average increase of 29.5 percent.

In one of their statements, the US Health and Human Services Department has also revealed that the nationwide average for a premium increase is about 25 percent. Moreover, the agency said that for 2017, the health sector has already estimated about 86 percent of the population of Florida that buys a plan off the website HealthCare are said to be able to find an alternative plan for $100 a month or even less.

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