American Horror Story: The Season 6 Finale Spoiler, The Lone Survivor Millenials

By Dante Noe Raquel II , Nov 11, 2016 12:28 AM EST

In American Horror Story, the interpretation of "dead" is "something". A haunted landlord can have his neck cut and recur fresh-faced and airy a few events later. A nurse can smash into a wall with fatal force only to come up possessed by demonic entity or take Roanoke, where individualities go missing in the cannibal woods and swing by like it's not a big thing.

This is where some bewitched murderers can take a few stabs on the chest and pop-up in the final 10 minutes to stalk her victim; an actress, cleaver in the shoulder, can fall 15 feet above ground, climb up a 400-year-old ladder, and re-enter the fray. They can also all die again, horribly. This the Ryan Murphy way -- and its fiendish fun.

Spoilers For The Ninth Episode Of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

As we've come to count on from season's past episodes, the next-to-last episode of Roanoke played like a finale episode, with twists and turns and several yards of overthrows small intestines. After rewiring itself in the sixth episode as the Big Brother-like reality series Return to Roanoke, a sequel series to the re-enacted 'My Roanoke Nightmare', Murphy set an ardent question: what we were about to see was "found footage," recovered from a collapsed scenario on set where only one person survived.

Who would stick it out until the end? We'd watch Evan Peters' new A-lister Rory Monahan, Cheyenne Jackson's TV producer Sidney, André Holland's horny witch-lover Matt, Lily Rabe's struggling wife Shelby, Kathy Bates' unhinged thespian Agnes, and Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Hollywood hotshot Dominic all bleed out before we'd have room to guess.

Three remained struggling on "Chapter 9": Angela Basset's Monet, Sarah Paulson's Audrey, and Adina Porter's Lee. So, clearly, it was time for Murphy to add more characters and pile on the fake-outs. Could the "lone survivor" be Dylan, the My Roanoke Nightmare reenactor played by Wes Bentley, who served two tours in Afghanistan and apparently Ubered his way to the Roanoke house? No. Not even close -- the Polks did him in, then the Butcher did him in a second time. But he did provide a splash of hilarity in a rather bleak episode.

As believed, American Horror Story: Asylum actress Lana Winters, also played by Sarah Paulson, returns to the series next week, interviewing Lee in a live television event. The preview for the episode looks, and we have to imagine resolutes, like scenes out of Murphy's recent American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. Lee's conjectural. The proof is there. The media's all over it. And knowing Murphy, there will be an ample twist. Perhaps she'll even die for real.

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