Nintendo Wii U Production Scheduled To End Soon Within Japan; You Should Buy It Over The Holidays

Nintendo Wii U
At this point, unfortunately it's becoming official that Nintendo is stopping production of its Wii U mobile gaming console. Photo : IGN News / YouTube

News about the Wii U being out of commission has been on and off the internet lately, with writers saying it will be ending production and Nintendo speaking out from silence saying that it won't. Will today's news be finally the one to seal the deal? It is posted on their official online store so it must be legit. Nintendo Wii U is going to end production anytime soon starting within areas in Japan, period.

Nintendo Wii U was rumored to be out of production by Nov. 4 but was denied by Nintendo according to another article. But today, one of Nintendo's Japanese websites has posted something that would confirm the Wii U's demise. After only 14 million units being sold worldwide, the console has finally accepted defeat (with honor) and decided to ride towards the sunset.

If you visit the said Japanese Nintendo site, it clearly states that the production is set to end soon within areas of Japan. You will need to right click and translate first before you can read. It's written in Japanese. As you can see, there are a couple of Wii bundle listings: the white version and the Splatoon-themed version. The confirming data of Wii U's end is typed in characters: 近日生産終了予定, and with the enclosed text - 日本国内 - which would translate to "production is scheduled to end soon," and "within Japan." respectively.

Is the cease of production for real this time?

It is important to note that the statement is only posted in Japanese sites, and not present on other regions. This would mean two things as of this point. Nintendo will ultimately cease Wii U production worldwide starting in Japan or this is just a minor cease of production in Japan only due to some production issues or stuff like that. Nonetheless, an official announcement from Nintendo would be needed to confirm either.

Why Wii U might still be in the picture

One game might be able to save the Wii U from its demise, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, if this game sells enough to keep the console in production. Aside from the said game, no news has been officially released from Wii U. Regardless, the Wii U will need to stop sooner or later to make way for the new generation Nintendo Switch.

Nice item to have over the holidays 

Personally, I would like to get a Wii U for the holidays. The console is family-oriented which would make a good addition to my folks' living room setup. It would also make a good motivator for me to go home often. As an adult living away for quite sometime, I feel obligated to visit my parents, and you should too. On top of the Wii U, there are also other amazing retro consoles that you might want to check out. If you're in the same age-bracket as I am, I bet you would also prefer buying those as opposed to the new upcoming 'super consoles'. You may want to check out my other article on why older consoles will outsell the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S over the holidays. Keep gaming.

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