Snapchat Spectacles: What Is It And How To Get One

By Edge Ison , Nov 11, 2016 03:31 AM EST

Spectacles is the spectacular new wearable device from Snapchat. And it's going real fast.

Snapchat has found a way for people to share memories as they see it. The Spectacles is a pair hi-tech glasses that is equipped with cameras. Users can record videos of scenes as their eyes see them. The camera lens can see at 115 degree angles through a circular field which is almost the same as the capability of the human eyes.

The video clips are saved in the Memories section of the Snapchat app where the user can later edit and share them. The videos last for ten seconds each.

The Spectacles can be paired with other devices using Bluetooth. For HD videos, the user needs to sync through WiFi.

The device was first announced last September and was finally made available last Thursday.

Each pair costs $130 and can be bought from pop-up vending machines all over the United States. These vending machines are easy to spot. They are colored bright yellow, looks like a giant Minion and often have numerous yellow balloons floating over it. Plus, the queue will be long so it is hard to miss.

Spectacles comes in black for that simple yet classic look. It also has teal and coral versions. The cameras at the tips of the frame are quite obvious because of the yellow ring around them. Within the yellow rings are tiny led bulbs that light up when recording.

A dedicated button is located just above the frame. Just tap it for two seconds to record and tap again to stop. Up to three 10-second video clips can be recorded in a row.

Those who have had the opportunity to use Spectacles only have good things to say.

Jameson Detweiler of, who is admittedly not much of a Snapchat user, said that the device is "a blast".

"I actually think this is going to get me to use Snapchat more," Detweiler continued.

Cameraman Johnny Martin from LA said, the Spectacles "feels like it will be second nature for people who wear them consistently."

He commends Snap for being "smart to have made it a toy and relatively affordable".

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