Daydream App Hits Play Store, More VR Apps Expected Before The End Of 2016

Most owners are yet to receive their Daydream View VR headsets. Though the official Daydream app is already available in the Play Store. Google Pixel phones users should be able to enjoy their VR experience. Google will also add more VR apps in the Play Store before the end of 2016.

The Daydream App

It should be noted that the Daydream app is different from the Google VR Services. According to the Android Police, the app is necessary to handle some behind-the-scenes work for Google's new VR platform. It serves as a digital home screen that displays Daydream-compatible content.

The Daydream app will also provide quick access to virtual app grid, links to more VR apps in the Play Store, and extra settings and widgets. Users can also use it with a standard phone mode. It allows you to add or uninstall apps. You won't need a headset or controller to do that.

Other Daydream VR Apps

Google Pixel users have a couple of VR apps to choose from. The tech company is making sure that VR experience is not limited to the said owners. Among the current VR apps and games already accessible include CNN and Warner Bros. VR experiences.

According to the USA Today, there is also the outer space simulation Star Chart VR. It is a fun VR experience that let the user travel from Earth to Mars. The Google Arts & Culture app showcases the art masterpieces of legends like van Gogh. Merokama and Wonderglade are friendly mental games that kids may love.

Other apps for Daydream will hit the Play Store before the end of the year. Among these additional apps are by media properties BBC, CNN, the New York Times and the USA Today. Entertainment-oriented apps include those of HBO Go, Hulu VR, Jaunt, the NBA, NextVR and Netflix.

As for games, EA's Need for Speed: No Limits VR and Major League Baseball's Home Run Derby will be available too. People will only need to wait a little bit longer for an enhanced and better VR experience with Daydream View.

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