‘South Park’ Planned Hillary Clinton To Win, Made A Skit Out Of The Election

The boys from Colorado were certain that the Democrat Representative Hillary Clinton will win the US Presidential election, however, it didn't go as planned.

Mr. Garrison And His Candidacy

"When I started this campaign, I was saying a lot of [crap] because I was angry, and then I turned that anger into pushing buttons by being more and more outrageous. Slowly people started paying attention to me, and I guess it made me feel powerful," the former elementary school teacher said. "Things have not worked out the way they were supposed to," says the series impression of Hillary Clinton as the new series started.

South Park's Best Single-Day Rewrite Ever

Sometimes things just doesn't really go your way. You have a choice on whether you have to adjust and adapt on what was the outcome or you just sit there and do nothing. Well, that was the dilemma that happened to one of the greatest Animated TV series in History, South Park. Their prediction was, Hillary Clinton will win the US Presidential election but it didn't happened. However, that didn't stop the producers and its crew to show their creativity.

In a stunning event, they rewrite the entire episode in one day and could be the best single-day rewrite ever in Animation history. Comedy central and South Park's producers already made their moves when Hillary Clinton conceded after the presidential election. Although it was only revised in one day, still they were able to captivated and make us laugh with their latest skit.

South Park's Reaction In The Most Recent Election

This is not the first time that South Park made a comment about the election results. They did it before when President Obama won the election twice. But right now, it's the other way around as they made an episode not focusing on the winner of the election but solely on Hillary Clinton. The original title of the new episode was "The Very First Gentleman" however it was changed to "Oh Jeez" due to the election result.

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