Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: 10 Things Gamers Should Know Before Buying Upcoming 3DS Games

Pokemon Sun and Moon are actually two separate 3DS games that will soon come out on Nov. 18, 2016. Here are some facts about the games that players should know before buying.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be the first in the franchise to feature the game in full 3D environment. Second, the upcoming 3DS game will no longer feature the old gym style battles. Instead, players will engage in stand-off battles with various powerful Pokemon in the Alola region. Third, players will be confronted by the Ultra Beasts that are not really considered as Pokemon but are somehow linked with the Aether Foundation.

Fourth, the Hidden Movement (HM) is no longer included in the Pokemon Sun and Moon installment. This basically means that they can automatically fly a Charizard or ride on a Lapras. Fifth, there will Pokemon mega evolutions in the twin 3DS games but they will not be allowed to compete in the official competition.

Sixth, Pokemon Sun and Moon will allow Z Moves or signature moves for each Pokemon. Z moves are the most powerful attacks that a Pokemon can unleash against an enemy. Seventh, Alolan forms are one of the main selling points for the Sun and Moon games. The Pokemon in the Alolan region have evolve differently than their counterparts and they also exhibit different abilities.

Eight, There will be Rental Pokemon in the upcoming game. This basically means that players in multiplayer can rent out their Pokemon to other players. Ninth, players will be delighted with Pokemon Sun and Moon's user interface. Unlike the previous Pokemon installment, the upcoming game's UI is easy to follow. And finally, Nintendo promised that Pokemon Sun and Moon will have something special for its players since the game is going to be released during the 20th year anniversary of the Pokemon series. Pokemon fans would just have to wait and see what that special surprise is.


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