'Beware The Slenderman' Trailer Released; HBO Documentary Based On True Story?

How can two girls from Wisconsin allegedly harm their classmates with multiple stabs? That is the question asked in the new trailer released for "Beware the Slenderman" by HBO documentary last Thursday. The documentary aims to prove the truth behind the tales of the internet boogeyman called Slenderman and how his story has influenced kids to do things for him.

Pictures of the terrifying boogeyman started circulating online last 2009. The said photo shows a tall, thin and blurry faced man holding a child. The said photo was created as an entry to a Photoshop contest titled "Something Awful. The goal of the contest is to create paranormal images. However, what started as just a scary photo expanded to a scary legend that not only have terrified kids but influenced them to do unimaginable things.

Today, more fake footages, Slenderman inspired video game and more photoshopped images of the boogeyman are found on the internet. He is now considered to be a modern-day Pied Piper that lures children to do anything he wishes. He is said to be causing amnesia, sickness like coughing and affect a child's mental capacity, making them paranoid individuals. He is often seen hiding in the forest, following kids and luring them into the forest.

This is the angle that HBO's upcoming documentary "Beware the Slenderman" will be deeply investigating. The documentary will discuss the attempted murder of two girls, and a series of interview from the families of the two girls in an attempt understand how everything came to be.

The documentary is expected to finally discover what made the two girls did what they did and what kinds of influence the Slenderman did to them. The documentary took 18 months to finish and although a trailer has already been released, there are no announcements yet as to when it will premiere.

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