Val Kilmer Cancels Film Tour Due To Swollen Tongue; Actor Diagnosed With Cancer?

In the recent public appearance of the 56-year-old Val Kilmer, the actor is seen struggling to speak with a swollen tongue. This probably started the rumors that he is suffering from cancer but the actor says it's not true. This is despite colleague Michael Douglas' revelation that  Kilmer is dealing with the same thing he had before.

Val Kilmer explains that Douglas is misinformed. He narrates speaking with him two years ago only to get a referral to a specialist for the lump in his throat. This was the reason why Kilmer had to cancel the tour of his CITIZEN TWAIN play. The actor admits he still has a swollen tongue but is steadily rehabbing.

"I love Michael Douglas but he is misinformed," says the actor. This isn't the first time the actor has denied rumors that he is suffering from cancer. Kilmer has posted numerous times denying all the cancer speculations. In one of his posts last year, Kilmer thanks his fans for the love and support but says all the talks about him being unwell and is in the hospital is not true. In another post, the actor said some of his fans thinks his silence about his personal life means that "somehow I wasn't being responsible for my health... Nothing could be further from the truth." He thanked his fans again for the support particularly now that he has been sick for over 2 years now.

The rumors about Val Kilmer having cancer started last December when he is seen going to the grocery with what looks like a breathing apparatus attached to his neck. According to reports, the apparatus is said to be attached by an incision in Kilmer's windpipe to assist in breathing and is often maintained with a tube for tracheostomy. This is usually done to patients having difficulty in breathing and swallowing. The cause of this ailment can be due to different reasons.

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