Facebook Messenger's New Feature "Rooms" To Roll Out Only In Selected Markets

The usual Facebook Messenger chat room enables private conversations among a group of people. Users normally create such groups to talk with people they know. That may now be changed with the new feature called "Rooms". However, Facebook has announced that this will roll out only in selected markets.

This indicates that the tech company is gauging the initial public reaction of "Rooms". The fate of this new feature depends on the reception of the selected markets.

How DoThe Rooms Work?

According to The Courier Mail, Facebook described the Rooms as something distinct from the usual group chat. It works like that of an online forum. The Rooms is focused on chatting about certain topics. This will allow people to actually interact with people they don't necessarily know.

To put it simply, you are chatting with a stranger that have the same interest of issues or things as you. It also functions like Facebook's group pages. Users can set Rooms to private. Thus, the administrator can either accept or deny a user's request to join.

The Effect Of The New Feature

According to TechCrunch, this new feature can help connect people who are not even Facebook friends around topics they want to discuss. It could also be used to organize events and send out alerts. It's an even direct way to communicate with someone you don't actually know.

It's a good platform for those who are interested in talking with people who can relate to their views, likes or dislikes.

Rooms Is Only Available In Selected Markets

The tech giant has confirmed to TechCrunch that the new feature Rooms will be rolling out to Australia and Canada only. Users in those two markets will be able to create Rooms. It means that the rest of the world won't be able to use this feature yet.

If the test will be successful, users other than those from Australia and Canada will also get to enjoy Rooms.

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