iOS 10.1.1 Update: Pangu And Todesco To Release Working Jailbreak Tool

As one of the most known hacking groups - especially when it comes to Apple jailbreaks - the general public has looked to Pangu to break through iOS 10. However, the group has not released anything since September, which is when Apple first released its latest operating system. Meanwhile, popular hacker Luca Todesco, has announced that he himself has a jailbreak tool for iOS 10.1.1.

As noted by Vine Report, Todesco took to Twitter on November 5 to announce the news. " Updated my stuff so it works on 10.1 too now," he wrote alongside a photo of his phone. Plenty of his followers urged him to help Pangu release a mass tool to get through iOS 10. Whether or not Todesco actually will share his findings with Pangu is unknown.

The publication goes on to say, however, that Todesco is not likely to help out the hacking group. This is because he has been able to break through earlier versions of iOS 10 before, but did not offer any assistance to Pangu. Todesco's tweet does at least prove that it is possible to get through Apple's news OS. As such, it is suspected that Pangu will not release a jailbreak tool of their own until sometime in 2017.

But other than Todesco, other groups have made claim to a successful tool. As NeuroGadget points out, however, not all of these claims have proven worthwhile. A video release by Saurik, for example, has been put down by plenty, including the creator of Cydia himself. The publication particularly states how Pangu, on the other hand, could be the closest to releasing one as the group had already released a demo before iOS 10 was officially released by Apple.

If Apple's recent releases are anything to go by, Pangu and other hacking groups need to work quickly. Otherwise, the Cupertino-based company is likely to best them yet again as it is rumored that a beta test of iOS 10.2 is already underway. However, this test is only available for registered beta users.

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