‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 510, 511 Spoilers: Zeref Tells Natsu About His Death; Sting Returns And Confronts Larcade

By Monica Macalinao , Nov 14, 2016 05:50 AM EST

As usual, the newest chapter of "Fairy Tail" is awesome. The chapter contained exciting revelations about Natsu and the dark mage Zeref. Even more exciting, a fan favorite character has come back!

If you have yet to read the previous chapter of "Fairy Tail" proceed with caution. Otherwise, enjoy reading some spoilers for "Fairy Tail" Chapter 510 and 511.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 510 Spoilers

The chapter is titled "Natsu's Heart" which most thought was about Natsu being Larcade's uncle. However, with the recent the chapter recently been leaked, I think it meant something entirely different. And quite frankly, it is more exciting.

Several pages of the chapter revealed the past of Natsu. He finds himself in a space with the dark mage Zeref and found out that they are inside his heart. Zeref was quite happy that he does have a space in Natsu's heart although he is not sure if it is from being his brother. Nonetheless, Zeref did not really care much.

He explained to Natsu that he cannot be hurt while they are inside his heart as it is not his real body that he is seeing. Natsu seemed a little confused with what is happening so Zeref further explained, "Sorry to break it to you but you are gonna die soon. Therefore, I came here to fill your lost memory, for the last time."

"It's about your previous memories before X777," Zeref added. Natsu remembered that before X777 he was with Igneel. However, Zeref said, "No, way before that."

His previous memories then flashed before him. The two brothers used to live in a small village with their parents. However, one night, Dragons have attacked their small village and wrecked chaos and havoc. Their mother and father died instantly. Unfortunately, even Natsu was killed in the attack.

Only the dark mage Zeref was left from the Dragneel family. However, all hope was not lost as Zeref continued with his research. After a few years, he revived his brother Natsu as the strongest demon he has created.

Back to the fight scene of Larcade and Kagura, Sting suddenly emerged and interrupted the battle. Larcade has already caused too much pain on Ishgar and the other mages. The sudden appearance of Sting is surely a reprieve from Zeref's son's Pleasure Spell.

Sting is definitely back. Also, the leak did not contain any confirmation about Mavis being Larcade's mother. I really can't wait for the full chapter to be released.

'Fairy Tail' Chapter 511 Spoilers

The next chapter is titled "Hell of the Empty Stomach." It is speculated that the chapter will focus more on the battle between Larcade and Sting. It surely will be a light versus light mage battle and fans can only hope that it will be an exciting and not so one-sided battle.

The biggest mystery to date, what is Erza and Eileen's real relationship? Hopefully, they reveal this soon as it has been a few weeks since they faced each other.

Also, Natsu is going to die according to Zeref. Maybe more details about his impending death will be revealed in the upcoming chapter.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 510 is slated to be released on Nov. 16.

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