NBA Trade Rumors: James Harden Eyeing MVP Season; Rockets’ Point Guard To Go To Celtics For A Three Player Deal?

The Boston Celtics are rumored to be fixing its lineup to trade with Houston Rockets' James Harden in a three player deal. If it will push through, the Celtics will have to send Jaylen Brown (small forward), Avery Bradley (shooting guard), and Marcus Smart (point guard). With the impressive performance of Harden that is nabbing him a chance for the MVP award, he is now one of the key players that several NBA teams are wanting to pick up.

Several star players have been rumored to flee their teams and come to the Celtics for the next season. With talks suggesting that the Celtics are forming an all-star lineup for 2017, Harden becomes the latest superstar that is allegedly moving to the team. It is even rumored that the Rockets and the Celtics already sat down for a meeting, and came up with the agreement of sending Brown, Bradley, and Smart in exchange of Harden. Yet with Harden's standing in the Rockets, it is also said that the team will need more fillers for his position, hence the rumor that the Brooklyn Nets will send its two first round draft picks to Houston. No word yet from both camps regarding these speculations.

James Harden Joining The Celtics' Powerhouse Lineup?

In a report by the Celtics Life, the Celtics are said to have been making a "significant progress" in its strategy of acquiring key players as the Warriors' Klay Thompson was also recently mentioned to join the team. New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony and Philadelphia 76ers' Nerlens Noel are also among those who are speculated to play for the Celtics in 2017.

As for Harden's transfer, a previous report revealed that the Rockets are indeed considering a trade deal with the Celtics that involves Harden. It is being speculated that adding Harden to the Celtics roster would build a stronger lineup for the team. However, the team's performance might also be affected as Brown is predicted to become another NBA All-Star player in the coming seasons.

As for the Rockets, losing Harden can be manageable as they are to acquire another shooting guard through Bradley. On the other hand, Trevor Ariza is expected to tutor Brown, while Smart will be worked out on to help him make good numbers inside the court.

The Rockets' Bet For MVP

Harden has been making notable performances playing in his team's previous games. He claimed himself as the best player and pointguard of the season, which in fact has a good basis. He currently has a record of 31.6 average points, 12.7 assists and 7.1 rebounds. He is now ranked fifth in the Top 100 NBA Players. Harden falls behind Lebron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant. With his continuous satisfying performance, he is predicted to lead the Rockets into the finals where he can be declared the MVP if the team happens to win.

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