The Supermoon Effect: Phenomenon Drives People And Animals Wild Or Loony

Supermoon, also known as perigee is a natural phenomenon of having a full Moon or a new moon at its closest distance to Earth. It is during this time where a Super Full Moon appears to be 14 percent to 30 percent bigger as compared to its counterpart, the Micromoon or the apogee. For almost 70 years, the moon is once again set to create a spectacular sighting as it orbits as close to Earth.

Super Full Moon To Appear On November 14

The said natural phenomenon is set to appear right before our very eyes on November 14, and it could actually be a biggie. So far this century, it is believed that this supermoon is the closest one to appear on Earth. However, that would still be depending as to where you are situated while looking at it and as we also need to consider another natural occurrence - the weather condition.

However, according to Daily Mail, apart from this condition, supermoon is also believed to cause certain unexplained occurrences which enables the loony side of people as well as other animals. It was reportedly said that in prisons and on the streets, men have become more fractious and prone to violence. Furthermore, vets in certain places were also found to have reported a huge increase in the number of dogs and cats being brought to animal centers with injuries.

Authorities claimed that if we think about it, logic dictates that there really is no probable link between such disparate events and trends, and yet some suggest the connection is right up there in the sky taking place under the strange blaze of a full moon.

The Supermoon And Its Loony Effect On People And Animals Alike 

Accu Weather has also revealed that even before, the full moon, or in this case, the appearance of the supermoon has been associated with strange or insane behavior, including suicide, sleepwalking and violence as well as other strange happenings to our bodily activities.

On the other hand, researcher at the Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Dr. Tobias Kaiser has claimed that the lunar effect on animals is obvious and absolutely uncontroversial in a scientific sense, which suggests that there is no point in associating the lunar phenomenon and the occurrence of such events.

Moreover, cynics including doctors, nurses and police officers are also allegedly said to cite scientific studies that would disprove any claims with regards to the connection between the supermoon and the strange behavior.

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