Chloe Grace Moretz And Brooklyn Beckham Split-Up Due To Shawn Mendes? Football Superstar’s Son Caught The Affair?

By Monica Macalinao , Nov 15, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Things seemed pretty good between "Kick-Ass" actress Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham. Their social media accounts showed a sweet and cute couple who are very much in love with each other.

However, things went south pretty quickly and many fans were shocked to find out that the young couple is speculated to have broken up. Both celebrities have not had any interaction with each other's social media page and several posts have further raised the suspicion of fans that the two had already parted ways.

Rumor has it that Shawn Mendes is the cause of the break-up. "The 5th Wave Star" singer has been quite friendly with the "Little Mermaid" actress. Both had even hinted liking each other on their social media pages.

Chloe Moretz even posted a GIF of herself biting her thumb after seeing a topless photo of Shawn Mendes for L'Uomo Vogue Magazine. Fans loved what she did and were quick to give encouragement about the future of the two.

Shawn Mendes, on the other hand, was also reported to have confessed having a huge crush on the actress during an interview. He mentioned that Chloe Grace Moretz' sense of humor, frankness, and sass is what won him over. However, it is not confirmed whether Shawn Mendes and Chloe Grace Moretz had an affair during her relationship with Brooklyn Beckham.

Furthermore, it seems like Chloe Moretz is trying to mock her ex-boyfriend through social media. Just recently, Brooklyn Beckham has posted a video of himself doing some moody poses. A couple of days later, Chloe Moretz posted a similar video which prompted many fans to speculate that she is teasing him.

Chloe Grace Moretz and Shawn Mendes' attraction with each other is undeniable. But since the two has not said anything publicly about their relationship, fans will have to hold their breath on this one. Or maybe, she and Brooklyn Beckham can still get back together in the near future.

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