‘Girl Meets World’ Season 4 News Update: Rowan Blanchard And Sabrina Carpenter Not Coming Back To The Show

Recent speculations has been raised regarding the fourth installment of 'Girl Meets World'. Some believed that the show was renewed by Netflix but it still hasn't revealed any details as to its release day. As the fans' excitement intensifies, no statement has been released by either Netflix or Disney.

Freeform Is Renewing The Fourth Season Of 'Girl Meets World', Would It Be Successful?

According to Movie News Guide, many of the updates regarding to the show all boils down to a great probability that Freeform would be the cable network responsible for the renewal of the series. The show has already made established viewers who would constantly look and crave for the presence of the show in the small screen.

However, with the success of the past installments, Disney is still in constant observation if they would include Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter to the all-star cast of the upcoming series.

Sabrina Carpenter Not Joining 'Girl Meets World' Season 4, Disney Star Wanted To Focus On Singing

Recent news reported that Sabrina Carpenter would not be joining the sequel because of her chosen career path. It was believed that the lead character wanted to focus and concentrate on singing. She recently had her album launched entitled 'Evolution' and would be busy with a series of concert tours. 

Meanwhile, it was believed that if the series would be shown in the future, the storyline could focus on how the previous characters made a transition after high school has ended. The storyline could get the attention of people with age between 14 to 34 years old.

Fans are still waiting with what is going to happen in 'Girls Meet World' Season 4. They have already signed an online petition regarding this and are in great hopes that they would get the attention of its creators.

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