Everything You Need To Know About Tinder's New Feature For Transgender: Humanitarian Or Politcal?

With the LGBT community getting more and more controversial these days, it is not a wonder why some companies are giving way to support LGBT. To follow this popular awareness, Tinder has expanded its features to further facilitate transgender users.

Tinder On Transgender Users

In a written article at Recode, Tinder follows through with new options for transgender daters. The new feature will give match seekers a lot more freedom to describe their gender. Tinder will also be implementing new protection protocols to prevent transgender users from being harassed or unfairly banned.

How Does The New Feature For Transgender Users Work?

According to an article posted at Refinery 29, Tinder users can now describe their gender with three options. In the previous feature, only male and female option was the available genders to choose from. Now, users can choose "more" in which the user will be given a blank field to type in their gender. They will still get to choose whether they show up in searches for men or searches for women.

Tinder Being Political And Humanitarian

In the past, LGBT users, especially transgender were constantly harassed by other users or being reported and banned just for their gender. Critics believe that president-elect Donald Trump's victory may have influenced Tinder's decision to be pro-LGBT. Given that any acts against the LGBT community have been a hot topic in America and president-elect Donald Trump viewed as a sexist, homophobe, and racist by SJWs (Social Justice Workers) and Hilary Clinton supporters, it is no wonder many people are steering away to criticize the LGBT community. This is why critics strongly believe that Tinder's new feature is a way of shielding themselves against any future protests from the LGBT community.

Whether Tinder's decision to be pro-LGBT is influenced by political or humanitarian reasons, this is a good step for gender equality. The only problem, however, is if people will be encouraged to be part of the LGBT community. Being one and supporting LGBT rights are two different things.

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