DJI's Phantom Pro 4 Is Most Crashproof Camera Drone Ever

DJI has released a couple of new camera drones and one of them is beginning to look like the most cashproof drone ever.

The Phantom Pro 4 is the first consumer drone to be equipped with the right obstacle avoidance system that should actually keep it from crashing. The new feature works whether the drone is on autopilot or being controlled by the user.

The P4P is an update of the Phantom 4 or P4 which dropped in stores early in 2016. The first Phantom 4 drone was equipped with two stereoscopic sensors at its front. DJI has taken steps to ensure its newest camera drone will not crash by adding another pair of sensors at its rear.

The rear infrared sensors can see obstacles as far as 23 feet or 7 meters away. This gives the drone enough time to analyze its next move.

While the much-improved sensor system in the highlight of the Phantom Pro 4, it is not its only impressive details of the latest drone from DJI.

The Pro is equipped with a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor that has 4K video an can shoot 60 frames per second. The Phantom Pro 4 also sports a larger battery that can last half an hour per charge.

The controller also received a major upgrade. It now sports its own a 5.5-inch Full HD screen. That means users can set their smartphone aside while they play with your drone.

DJI has been busy lately with two new releases in the Phantom Pro 4 and Inspire 2. It released the latest model from the Matrice line last week, the Matrice 600 Pro, while the Mavik, a completely new line, dropped in stores last month.

The problem with these recent moves is that DJI is only competing with itself. Not so many companies are releasing new drones lately. GoPro launched Karma in September while Amazon just received a patent for miniature drones last month. The Lily Camera and Mi Drone of Xiaomi came out back in May.

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