Clash Of Clans December Event Teased; Christmas Trees Start To Grow In Villages

The Christmas holiday season is just around the corner and players have just started to see a lot of hints about the December event for Clash of Clans. The latest clue from Supercell is the sprouting of Christmas trees across villages. What are the surprises Supercell has in store for you? Here's what you can expect.

Clash Of Clans December Event

While Supercell remains completely stingy with the details about the December update for Clash of Clans, there have already been reports that this might bring a Christmas event that everyone could enjoy. In fact, Clash of Clans has already been seen with Christmas trees around the villages since the past couple of days. What is the developer storing up its sleeve? That is what fans should watch out for in the next few days.

Clash Of Clans Upgrades And Game Balancing Tweaks

In the meantime, Clash of Clans is already set for a few upgrades and game balancing tweaks. These include the new level 9 air defense, a shipyard and the sea creatures. On top of that, the battle between Goblin and Wizard has been confirmed to arrive.

As for the shipyard, it will also be introduced at Town Hall 4 for 50,000 gold. it will be included in the daily challenges where pirates can raid it and grab some loot gems. With regard to the upgraded air defense, this could be unlocked in Town Hall 11 to as part of the game balance tweaks. However, it remains a question whether or not players really need it right now.

On the other hand, the Barbarian King Statue might also be introduced which will cost 500 gems, while Red Barbarian King and Red Archer Queen will come as freebies if players will buy a gem package.

Clash of Clans December update is expected to arrive before Christmas day.

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