Kang Gary Decides To Rest From Broadcast Activities After His Surprise Guesting On ‘Running Man’ Episode 325

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Nov 16, 2016 07:29 AM EST

After Kang Gary was surprised by his former co-hosts on "Running Man" episode 325, the Leessang rapper has decided to stay off-screen to put all of his focus on his music. Fans of the Monday Couple were indeed delighted with Gary's reappearance on "Running Man," but apparently, it also marked his last before taking a break from broadcast activities.

Gary officially left his long-time variety show "Running Man" earlier this November. Yet his co-stars expressed their unbreakable attachment with the rapper that even led them to guest him just a few days after they were last seen together on TV on Nov. 6. Unfortunately, Gary's "Amazing Race-like" adventure with "Running Man" on Nov. 13 also served as his last appearance on the small screen, at least until he finishes his new music.

In regards with Gary's future plans, an insider from the rapper's camp came out to reveal Gary's plans of resting from the spotlight for a while. "He'll temporarily halt broadcast promotions and focus on his album production. After leaving 'Running Man', he has not set any schedules for future broadcast appearances. His album production is continuing to progress. He's giving his music more focus since his departure [from 'Running Man']," the source said as cited by AllKpop.

When the insider was asked about the progress of Gary's new album, he explained: "He's not working toward a set release date. He'll share when a good outcome is made. No specific time frame has been confirmed yet."

Gary's Music Dominance

Gary's hosting stint on the SBS variety show started in 2010. Yet before he became famous as the Monday Couple boyfriend, he first made name with his hiphop group, Leessang. Together with Gil, the duo became one of the most successful pairs in Korean hip-hop history. After producing eight studio albums, Gary did solo music with "Mr. Gae" as his solo debut mini album. However, his album's "Shower later" track was banned for explicit lyrics. It still managed though to nab the first spot on eight real-time music spots.

The latest music award that Gary received was for his collaboration with Dynamic Duo's Gaeko, where the duo's "Lonely Night" won the SBS Inkigayo Award in January. Following this, it is obvious that Gary will indeed contribute much to Korea's music industry. Besides, it is for his passion for music that he decided to leave "Running Man" in the first place.

There are no concrete details yet about Gary's new album, but it was seen from "Running Man's" 325th episode that the former co-host of the variety show is indeed busy working in his studio.

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