IVF Chances Can Now Be Determined By Online Calculator

While couples wonder about their IVF chances, there is now an online calculator to determine it. It works along with multiple cycles of IVF treatment and let the concerned couple know how to plan their treatments. This online calculator can also help couples understand how practical their expectations are.

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen developed OPIS which stands for Outcome Prediction In Subfertility. There are two kinds of OPIS tools. OPIS Pre IVF determines the chances of a baby before undergoing a IVF treatment. OPIS Post IVF determines the chances from the first fresh embryo transfer.

The online calculator is developed with data collected from more than 113,000 women. According to the most important factors regarding the chances of having a baby, age is the most important one. The chances of having a baby decline after 30. It keeps declining until the woman is unable to conceive.

The couple is asked a number of questions in the online calculator. The couple has to answer how many years the couple has been trying to conceive. They are also asked if they have an ovulation problem or an unexplained fertility problem.

The woman is asked if she has been pregnant before and if she has a problem with her tubes. The couple also needs to answer if they have a male factor fertility problem. The couple is finally asked if they plan to have ICSI or IVF.

Based on the answers by the couple, the online calculator determines IVF chances of the couple. According to the University of Aberdeen research fellow David McLernon, couples should not use the online calculator to decide if they should have IVF treatment or not. The online calculator helps keep the couple better informed and prepare emotionally and financially for their treatments, the BBC reported.

IVF is one of the most popular techniques that help couples with fertility issues. The process removes an egg from the woman's ovary and fertilizes it with sperm in a laboratory. With the help of this online calculator, now couples can be better informed about their IVF chances.

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