NBA Trade Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins Vs. Klay Thompson Is A Scary Possibility; GSW Untouchable After The Trade

By Monica Macalinao , Nov 17, 2016 07:34 AM EST
The Sacramento Kings are looking to trade Cousins and Warriors is the most likely to get him. How strong of a team will the GSW be after the trade? (Photo : BBallBeast/Youtube)

The Sacramento Kings are on the cusp of trading away their franchise center and are already looking for potential suitors. One problem rumored to be getting in the middle of all this is Sacramento's alleged overpricing for DeMarcus Cousins.

And this is the part where it gets interesting because the Golden State Warriors currently have someone of value who is rumored to be on the trading block as well, Klay Thompson. And if this Cousins to GSW trade pushes through, expect the Warriors to become nearly invincible.

It is no secret that DeMarcus Cousins is being shipped around to multiple teams. The only question is not if he will get traded but rather when he will get traded. Sources say that the King's are looking at the trade deadline or even possibly as early as December.

Another superstar currently embroiled in trade rumors is Klay Thompson, who is said to be a bit frustrated about his diminished role with the Warriors. The common consensus among NBA circles is that with someone like Kevin Durant in tow, the Warriors could afford to let go of Klay Thompson. But what the team is lacking is a good inside presence to score and defend the paint. That job currently falls to the undersized Draymond Green who is not having too much success doing it.

What is scary about this situation is that the trade is actually feasible. Klay Thompson for DeMarcus Cousins is a feasible trade, especially with their almost similar salaries. This could be a straight up blockbuster trade in the making.

This also makes sense to both players as DeMarcus won't be the focal point in GSW and any of his ego problems could be placed in check. This would make the Warriors a laughable shoo-in for the NBA finals as their team can patch one of their most glaring weakness which is the center position. If they do acquire Cousins, GSW will have arguably the best point guard, best small forward not named Lebron James, and the best center in the NBA.

That team's only weakness would be the thin bench since Andre Iguodala would have to move to the shooting guard position. But with a starting unit like that, the bench might not even matter if those players manage to be healthy all season.

As for Klay Thompson, he will have the whole Sacramento Kings by himself. Without Curry and Durant's massive shadow, Thompson could rebuild his diminishing brand. With that said, they would be an instant lottery team, but at least the King's can retain a superstar to build around in the next few years. Plus they are already lottery bound anyway so they might as well let go of the problematic center.

The only problem that I see with this trade is the fact that the Warriors are on a good roll right now. Messing up their chemistry with an extremely talented but locker room problem like Cousins could seriously mess up their chemistry. If the Warriors start losing games, then I say they should explore this trade scenario.

Fans should stay tuned for the ongoing DeMarcus Cousins trade saga as the season carries on.

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