It's Your Last Chance To Buy The NES Classic Edition From Walmart And Anywhere Else

By Ronald Cress , Nov 17, 2016 07:09 AM EST
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The NES Classic Edition has made a comeback and fans gladly ate it all up. Stocks are now sold out, but those who want to get their hands on one still has the last chance to purchase it. Tomorrow, Nov. 18 is the last day of Walmart's promotion, but some stocks will also be available at 5 p.m. ET today.

Walmart's NES Classic Edition Stocks Are Going Down Fast

Earlier this week, Walmart posted that the NES Classic Edition will be available in limited quantities everyday at 2.p.m. PST from Nov. 14. This means that interested buyers will have sure stocks to look forward to each day, but it was not revealed how many will be available.

According to The Verge, stocks sell out fast that fans only have minutes to buy the console once it goes live. It is advised to stay on the product page until it becomes available to add to cart. Even so, buyers need to move fast in order to complete the transaction.

Only a lucky few will be able to have the NES Classic Edition shipped out to them, so acquiring one is actually an internet battle. The vintage console costs only $60 and it comes with 30 pre-loaded Nintendo titles.

No Other NES Classic Edition Console Can Be Found Anywhere

As aforementioned, this might be the last chance to buy the mini-console. Stocks in Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy and other retailers have been depleted fast. There are some on eBay, but it can be expected to cost much higher than the normal price.

There are some NES Classic Edition available in other parts of the world like in Malaysia, but U.S. customers will have to take every chance they get. After Nov. 18, there may be no more opportunity to buy the console from a retailer. Fans are still hoping that Nintendo will be able to solve their stocks problem.

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