NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Boosts World's Thinnest Gaming PC

By Jordan Mammo email: , Feb 19, 2013 03:15 PM EST

Rumors were circulating on Monday, Feb. 18 that the release of NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX Titan graphic card could be delayed past the expected Feb. 21 launch date, but that's not stopping some computer makers from announcing plans to incorporate the new technology.

Digital Storm's goal is to build the fastest gaming computers on the market, and it's attempting to live up to that expectation by adding the GeForce GTX Titan GPU to its new Bolt PC models.

The Digital Storm Bolt - Titan Edition will continue the line's tradition of being the thinnest gaming PC on the market, even as it integrates NVIDIA's new chip alongside a number of other high-powered components. The GeForce GTX Titan is supposedly the world's fastest graphics card, running 14 activated SMX units that total 2,688 CUDA cores. If those letters and numbers don't mean anything to you, just know the chip is powered by the same technology used to run the supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. It's pretty powerful.

The Titan Edition Bolt PC is, so far, one of the only computers capable of housing NVIDIA's new tech, primarily because of its unique ventilation system. The computer tower's shell actually features vents near every significant component the PC houses, ensuring that most of the heat generated by computer escapes and doesn't remain trapped inside.

The computer's case measures only 9.1cm (3.6-inches) wide, but there is a lot of power packed in that small space. Aside from the Titan graphics card there is an Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5 GHz CPU, 16GB of DDR RAM clocking in at 1600MHz, a 120GB solid state drive, an ASUS P8277-Delux motherboard, 1TB of storage, Windows 7 Home Premium and five heat pipes for maximum cooling performance.

All this technology won't be cheap, though. The Bolt Titan Edition will run a costly $2,499, so start saving those pennies. The computer isn't available yet, but Digital Storm's web site says to check back in a few days if you're interested.

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