Project Scorpio Rumors: Microsoft's Project Scorpio Will Be Most Powerful Console Ever Yet It Will Come At A High Price

By Edge Ison , Nov 18, 2016 04:18 AM EST

The Xbox Scorpio will drop in stores during the holidays next year. Microsoft first unveiled the Scorpio during the E3 last June and now, it is giving out a few details about the new console.

The company already indicated that the Scorpio, which will still be part of the Xbox family, will have an octa-processor, "true 4K gaming", and "six teraflops of power". Microsoft also said that the Scorpio will be geared towards PC gamers and VR users. Aside from those, nothing major has been announced... until now.

Release Date

The Xbox Scorpio will come out around Christmas 2017.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox explained the move to unveil the Project Scorpio a year early.

 "It's crazy to announce something this early, but when I put myself in the shoes of our customer, I want to be able to make a choice on what console I want to buy with as much information as possible. We want to give you the information to make that decision. We also want to go talk to the developers that are out there today, that are building games for next holiday, and say here's what you're going to have at your disposal on the console side."

Rumored Price

"We're not ready to announce something right now, but you can imagine at the price point of Scorpio - which we haven't actually said, but think about consoles and where they live in terms of price point - having something at six teraflops that will get millions of people buying it is very attractive to some of the VR companies that are out there already, and we've architected it such that something will be able to plug right in and work."

While Spencer did not divulge an actual price, he did say that the "Scorpio will be a premium console" and "it will cost more than the [Xbox One] S". This should be quite obvious considering the new console will be the "most powerful console ever built".

The 500GB Xbox One S is currently priced at $299 while the recently released PlayStation 4 Pro sells for $399. IBT reports that the possible price of the Scorpio could start at $399.

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