Burger King And Jeep Twitter Hacker Alleged To Be DJ Trying To Impress A Girl

By Jordan Mammo email: , Feb 19, 2013 06:00 PM EST

On Monday Feb. 18, an anonymous hacker hijacked the Burger King Twitter account to make it look like the company had been purchased by McDonald's. Numerous tweets on the hacked account referenced other individuals, and the hacker retweeted multiple posts that seemed to refer to himself as "iThug."

On Tuesday Feb. 19, a similar event occurred on Jeep's Twitter stream. It seemed to be the same person responsible for the Burger King fiasco, especially considering that Jeep's account was hijacked hours after a tweet by someone named iThug said, "Thank you for trending #iThug Something new will happen today."

Clearly, an individual named iThug is involved, and Gizmodo has traced the evidence back to a man named Tony Cunha, a DJ from New England with a penchant for idiotically bragging about his hacktivity online.

According to the website, back in 2005, a group of teenage hackers formed a group called the "Defonic Team Screen Name Fan Club" and gained access to Paris Hilton's T-Mobile Sidekick, as well as a bunch of MySpace pages. One member was eventually arrested and sentenced to probation, but apparently that only dissuaded Cunha from hacking other accounts until Presidents Day 2013.

Once he allegedly took over the Burger King feed, Cunha couldn't resist heading to Facebook and bragging about the accomplishment to a girl by saying, "u like dat lol." Sure, that post could be about anything, but it doesn't help that Cunha's Facebook URL link read "" Both the post and the Facebook account were deleted immediately after the Jeep Twitter feed was hijacked. An "iThug" profile on The Fancy was also locked and renamed after the Jeep hack.

What's more, the Burger King Twitter account made multiple references to a YouTube video of iThug performing a DJ set.

What Cunha hoped to accomplish by accessing the Burger King and Jeep Twitter accounts remains unknown, but one gets the impression that he's exhausted his entire skillset hoping some girl will be impressed by his l33t skills. 

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