NBA 2K17 Encourages Fitness Through Rewarding Fitbit Users

Are you a Fitbit user? Are you into playing video games? Well, good for you! A video gamer and a fitness enthusiast all rolled into one is rare and because of that, here's some good news for you especially if you love playing basketball - both in real life and video game.

To those who have no idea what Fitbits are and may have been completely living under a rock with full-to-the-brim videogames, Fitbits are wireless devices that track activity, workouts, food, sleep, and your weight. These trackers are said to keep you motivated to reach your health and fitness goals. And since these are wristbands, Fitbits are comfortable to wear and can go in different colors. In short, yes, these trackers aren't only for the weight conscious and highly energetic bunch of people.

As mentioned earlier, there's good news for Fitbit users as the company announced that they have partnered with 2K Sports to reward gamers who are doing healthy activities on the side. So to gamers who have reached 10,000 steps a day tracked with Fitbit, they will receive in-game rewards in the form of a temporary boost to their NBA 2K17 MyPLAYER.

After reaching the said goal, players will receive a notification to add a boost of +5 to their MyPlayer attribute in categories such as Agility, Dunks, Layups, and more. This +5 attribute boost in NBA 2K17 will last for the five games played during that day.

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Fitbit, Tim Rosa, said, "As a former video game industry executive, I'm excited to help shape the first-of-its-kind integration between a wearable and a console video game, motivating gamers of all ages to be more active throughout the day by giving them in-game rewards for their real-world fitness activity.This partnership speaks to the long history of innovation from both of our brands. We think it's just the beginning of what's possible as we create new ways to keep our community engaged and motivated to be healthier and more fit."

This health and fitness program for gamers will start Nov.25 so to those interested, you have to sync your Fitbit trackers with NBA 2K17 through the PS4 or Xbox One.

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