What Will Google Serve Up After Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie?

Our iTechPost readers have spoken: You're all really into Jelly Bean and the sweet, new Key Lime Pie.

Why is a tech/science site talking about sweet confections? Because each of Google's series of Android-powered smartphones has been designated with a delightfully tasty code name in alphabetical order.

There was Donut (1.6), Éclair (2.0/2.1), Froyo (2.2; for those unitiated: It's frozen yogurt) and on to the current Jelly Bean and yet-to-be-released Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie).

Since Android has released one new series every year since the model's first commercial iteration in September 2008 (C is for Cupcake), even without much information out on the scene yet about 5.0's Key Lime Pie, we're dying to know what you think the Android 6.0/L series might be called.

A lot of us are going for Lemonade. We haven't seen a sweet drink employed as a codename yet, and it's a simple one-word phrase that invokes ice-cold refreshment like none other — except for maybe Sweet Tea; but alphabetically speaking, we'll likely have to wait for Android 23.0 for that one.

One of our writers believes Android 6.0 will be Lemon Meringue Pie, but the rest of us feel that would just be old hat for such an innovative company as Google, especially considering the company's about to release Key Lime Pie.

The other question, our hirsute and astute editor reminds us, is whether or not Lemonade or whatever the name, will in fact be Android 6.0 or merely an updated version of Android 5.0? Historical context illustrates there were two 1.0's (Cupcake 1.5 and Donut 1.6) and three 2.0's (Éclair, Froyo and Gingerbread).

Only the Android 3.0 series was held to one codename (Honeycomb; 3.0-3.2).

What this means is: We need to ask not only what Android 6.0 will be codenamed but whether or not the next series in Google's crafty bakery will be 6.0 at all. Maybe it'll be 5.2, with a different name for 5.2.2.

Your guess is as good as ours, but here we are, asking you, dear readers, what you think is coming next for Android. Lemonade? Lemon Pie? Lychee (ewww)? Will it be 6.0 or will it be 5.1.3?

Let us know below, in the comments space. We're dying to know what you have to say.

And thanks from the whole iTechPost team for keeping up with us. We promise not to let you down. (Like Microsoft has.)

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