iPhone Rumors: Is Siri Heading To iMessage? Apple Patent Says Maybe

Apple has filed a patent that seems to indicate that Siri will be heading to iMessage soon.

The patent, titled "Virtual Assistant in a Communication Session", was filed last May 15 and was approved on Nov. 17.

Remember though, that a patent is not a confirmation that a new feature will actually be integrated in an actual product. According to Tech Crunch, however, the possibility is high because of the "trend towards chats and computing that's augmented by bot".

iPhone users will benefit from this new development. According to Tech Radar, Siri "would be like another participant in an iMessage chat". But Siri won't be like a pesky brother or sister who eavesdrops on a conversation. Siri will be there to offer her knowledge to the user.

Apple is actually lagging behind other companies in terms of AI. Since Siri was introduced, the newer personal digital assistants have become more reliable. Google has the Google Assistant which is being integrated in almost every product the company releases including the Pixel smartphones and the Google Home. Amazon, meanwhile, has Alexa in the Echo while Microsoft has Cortana. And now Samsung will have Bixby or so the rumors go.

With Siri's possible move to iMessage, Apple may even things up.

Siri in iMessage means the AI can be used during a chat session. While talking to someone, users can easily ask Siri a question. For example, a user can ask Siri the schedule of a movie that he or she wants to watch with the person the user is chatting with. And when there's a conflict in both party's schedules, Siri can quickly relate the user's schedule so they can decide on when to watch that particular movie.

Siri can also book reservations at restaurants, schedule meetings, and provide directions, among other skills. One of those skills that will come in handy is its ability to complete financial transactions. Chat between buyers and sellers will be easier with Siri's help. Siri can determine the payment methods on the user's device that the buyer can course the payment through.

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