Meet The VIZIV-7 SUV Concept, The Biggest In Subaru’s Lineup

By James Yu , Nov 18, 2016 09:48 AM EST

Subaru came out swinging in the 2016 Los Angeles Auto show with its VIZIV-7 SUV Concept, the biggest in Subaru's lineup. The Japanese automaker is not exactly big in the SUV segment though with this addition in its lineup, things may be about to change. The VIZIV-7 concept is basically a vision of an SUV with seven seats and it looks like a strong candidate to be introduced soon in the market.

The VIZIV-7 Concept

A report from CNET stated that this is Subaru's way of showing how big a future Subaru SUV can be. The same report mentioned the dimensions of the VIZIV-7 concept to be 17 feet in length, six feet in height and more than 6.5 feet in width. Considering the dimensions given, it seems that the Japanese automaker really has a big vision.

What To Expect

At this point, many of the details such as the specifications of the engine and the other things that the VIZIV-7 will be capable of are still under wraps. A report from Autoblog mentioned that the national manager of product communication, Dominick Infante, made a statement about not being able to talk regarding the engine details and only said that some big news of the subject will be coming up. In addition, Infante also mentioned about the vehicle being on the road in 2018 and with that being said, it is safe to assume that the first model of the VIZIV-7 concept will be a 2019 model.

Meet The VIZIV-7 Concept At LA Auto Show 2016

While most of the details of the VIZIV-7 concept are still blanks at this point, it is still definitely worth checking out. Those interested to see what the future holds for the SUV segment of Subaru can go and meet VIZIV-7 concept at the LA Auto Show 2016 at the LA Convention Center this week.

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