SUVs Are Taking Over The American Car Scene

SUVs Are Taking Over The American Car Scene
Car manufacturers from all over the world are releasing new cars each year; among them is the influx of new Sports Utility Vehicles released by almost all major car brands. Photo : Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

We cannot help but notice the number of new car releases that happened during the ongoing Los Angeles Car Show that includes a variety of new sports utility vehicles. Major car manufacturers such as Toyota, Subaru, Ford, Jeep and Volkswagen have unveiled new SUVs bearing their name. Jaguar and Alfa Romeo, known for building luxury sedans and sports cars, have also debuted their first SUVs.

SUV Sales Have Beaten Sedans In 2016

According to Herald Tribune, more sports utility vehicles have been sold than four-door sedans last year. In America alone, SUV's made a total of 39.5 percent in new car registrations, while sedans only stood at 32 percent. This could be due to the fact that road users are becoming more conscious with both fuel economy and vehicle functionality. Honda's top selling mid-size SUV, the CR-V gets an economy rating of 29 miles per gallon, while the country's top-selling full-size sedan, the Toyota Camry, only gets 28 miles per gallon.

Sports utility vehicles have always fascinated Road users, dating back to the early 2000s. Being able to fit your entire family and a whole lot of luggage was a struggle before sports utility vehicles hit the mainstream. Unfortunately, most great SUVs came out during a period when fuel prices skyrocketed. This was a hindrance as sports utility vehicles were already expensive, and consumers do not want to add the high petrol cost to their daily expense. Fortunately, car manufacturers have developed various means of making their vehicles more fuel-efficient. Fossil fuel prices are also slowly declining, probably due to the lower demand because of the emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles.

SUVs Are The Best Choice For A Powerful Family Car

Sports utility vehicles these days also offer a lot more performance than the older ones while maintaining fuel economy that can par, or even better, than average sedans. Car owners from more than 10 years ago who are budget conscious had to choose smaller vehicles to accommodate their needs due to high gas prices incorporated with bigger vehicles. It was either bring your entire family on a trip and carry small baggage's, or bring in a lot of baggage but risk not bringing the entire family. With the changes that happened over the years, bringing in the entire family and a lot of baggage is now possible with SUVs. Without worrying that you are driving a gas-guzzler.

If you have been considering buying a sports utility vehicle, now could be the best time to make your first purchase. A huge variety of economical yet powerful SUVs is making their way to the market. Some of the new ones were just unveiled and can be seen at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which is open to the public until November 27. Some of these are; the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the new Ford Ecosport, Jaguar I-Pace concept, the Jeep Compass, Mazda CR-X, Mini Countryman, Toyota C-HR and the Volkswagen Atlas, among others. There are a huge market of Sports Utility Vehicles, and even if you decide not to buy the latest model, any that came out after 2010 would surely give you the best bang for the buck.

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