Apple´s Most Underrated Products Of All Time

Underrated products
Of every single product that Apple releases, there´s always some that ended up being extremely underrated.
Although you may not believe it, Apple launched a gaming console that could have change the history. Photo : Youtube/IGN

Tech giant Apple has always characterized for being extremely perfectionist and artistic in its products, to the point in which many of them has changed the world and the way of living. Although there have been many devices that has been a huge success, and others that just simply didn't meet expectations, there are some that was too revolutionary for the time in which it were released, and it didn't sold the way the company expected. Basically, it has been the underrated, and here the most incredible cases of this kind in Apple´s history.

The Power Mac G4 Cube (2000)

Steve Jobs unveiled it at the July 2000 Macworld Expo in New York, and it was something so incredible that everyone thought that everyone will be still using this amazing device in, let´s say, 2016. However, far from getting this prediction released, what happened was that this product was forgotten in less than 5 five years, and today you only can find it on this kind of nonsense articles.

The truth was that this machine was probably one of the most aesthetic and brilliantly designed creations that Apple ever made, to the point in which it could be considered as a work of art instead of a tech product. However, the Power Mac G4 Cube was ahead of its time and was one of the greatest computers of the moment, offering a tiny footprint, great speakers, an easy way to set up and upgrade and an excellent digital display technology.

The big issue was that this machine was extremely expensive at the time, and many companies decided that it would be better to keep the old-school beige computers. Also, the other problem was that it had a limited upgrade potential, and the fact that many people saw it as a weak computer for its unorthodox design.

The Apple´s 12-Inch Macbook (2015)

When you´re talking about a product that a lot of people ended up hating and making fun of -including memes and videos that are outstandingly hilarious- this has to one of the best examples, giving the fact that this was a love-it-or-hate-it device that was so extremely underrated that you are finding it on this list, and this is not precisely an article about Apple´s most mind-blowing products.

One of the main reasons why so many people hated this device was because it only had 1 USB port, and because of the fact -and this, of course, it isn´t something great- that its price was extremely high. However, this laptop was great features and is one of the best-designed products ever created by the Cupertino company, since its size makes it possible to take it with you without the problem, almost like if you were grabbing a thin folder.

The most Underrated Product: Apple Bandai Pippin (1996)

Did you know that Apple released a video game console? Believe it or not, in 1996 the company launched this product in a pre-Play Station era, which was characterized as being a device that was totally ahead of its time. However, it sold less than 50,000 units and it was discontinued a short time later.

Although it might seem as an unbelievable fact, the Bandai Pippin enabled users to play against each other online, which was something that many misunderstood at the moment and didn't saw as something outstanding, considering that only a few people had the proper connection to play this way.

Also, this gaming console was launched with a game called Super Marathon by Bungie, which was the predecessor of the highly-successful Halo franchise. The huge issue was that the cost of this device was $599 at that time, which was extremely expensive. If you think that Sega Dreamcast was an ephemeral and underrated video game console that was ahead of its time, think again, an remember that Apple could actually change gaming´s world with this product. What remains unknown is if Play Station could ended up owing the market if the Bandai Pippin didn't failed.

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