To Achieve Healthy Living, Avoid Junk Food

By Monica U Santos , Nov 18, 2016 11:01 PM EST

If you want to achieve healthy living, you need not just go to the gym and exercise, you must also eat what is right. It's not just your body that will be healthy, if you exercise before work, or forego junk food for fruits and salads, you can expect brain functions to improve over time, that is according to a new study. Having a healthy lifestyle can make your life longer plus you can also be productive in all things that you are doing. Always remember that eating the wrong food, such as junk food, may give you unhealthy life, disease, then lead you to death.

Achieve Healthy Living

According to The International News, diabetes is on the rise as there are 422 million diabetics in the world and almost 10 percent population of Pakistan is living with the disease. The people can ward off diabetes by adopting a healthy lifestyle through the use of balanced diet and regular exercise. “I don’t think sugar is more addicting than cocaine, but I do think sugar is addicting,” said addiction expert Mark Gold, co-editor of the book Food and Addiction and keynote speaker at UCSF’s Oct. 27 Sugar, Stress, Environment, and Weight Symposium.

Living a healthier lifestyle could increase the executive function of your brain and body, which is the ability to exert self-control, set and meet goals, resist temptation and solve problems, the study said. "People who make a change to their health behaviour, like participating in physical activity, eating less processed food, or consuming more fruits and vegetables, can see an improvement in their brain function over time and increase their chances of remaining healthy as they age," said one of the researchers Julia Allan from University of Aberdeen in Britain.

Avoid Junk Food

When the day isn’t going your way, you will dream of a good meal from a fast food, a restaurant, a snack out of a vending machine or a quick pre-packaged food from the local grocery store. While these items may be instant and maybe even low in calories, they’re all processed foods and are not the healthiest options for your diet. Here are five reasons you should avoid highly processed junk foods from Waller Wellness Center.

Nitrates: Processed foods contain a lot of nitrates. Nitrates are used mostly in meats like cold cuts to keep them from growing bacteria or losing aesthetic appeal. In the 1970’s, the USDA attempted to ban nitrates. Some organizations, like the Organic Consumer’s Association, site studies that show increased occurrences of cancer in those who consume too many nitrate-containing meats.
Fat: This is generally saturated fat, which can increase LDL cholesterol.
Sugar: Processed foods are also generally high in sugars, which can make them very high in calories.
Salt: Salt is used as a preservative in foods and can increase blood pressure and cause bloating.
Vitamins: Processed foods are not known for their healthfulness and many are bereft of vitamins.


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