Pokemon GO Mania: Why Do People Still Like Playing Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO lost millions of players in recent months although a lot of people still play it. A recent study revealed the kind of people and their reasons for playing Pokemon GO.

About Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a simple mobile game that currently offers a simpler gameplay in comparison with other Pokemon games. Many industry observers however, including Niantic, were caught by surprise when it became a global phenomenon. The age of Pokemon GO players range from children to adults and they number in the millions. Despite the constant bashing it received, Pokemon GO will be a game that will continue to flourish in the foreseeable future.

Who Are The Pokemon GO Players?

Some of the game's players can be classified as the "Power players". They were the first ones who adopted Pokemon GO and are still playing it despite complaining about some of its features or lack of it, according to Medium. They are competitive and usually the most opinionated ones in online chat rooms.

Other Pokemon Go players can be classified as "Friendly players". They see the game as way to spend time with friends. "Couple players" view Pokemon GO as a way to bond and sometimes compete with one another. The "Millennial players" were mostly drawn by curiosity to Pokemon GO. It did not take long for them to master it. They have little difference with the "Power players" except for the age since most "Millennial players" are in their teens.

The "Lone Wolf player" is a study in contradiction. He enjoys playing Pokemon GO but feels guilty playing it. He justifies his fascination of the game to quell the uneasy feeling. In the end, he may become a "Power player" or simply quit Pokemon GO. The "Family players" on the other hand, enjoy the game because it allows them to explore the game and the outside world as a family.

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