Sony Xperia Ear Update: Everything You Need To Know

The month of December is coming and there are a number of high-end tech gadgets waiting to be bought by you. Among these high-end tech gadgets is the Sony Xperia Ear. Here is everything you should know:

What is the Sony Xperia Ear?

The Sony Xperia Ear was first announced last February during the Mobile World Congress. It is an in-ear personal assistant that helps the user to do tasks through voice commands without the need to glance at one's own phone. Its concept is somewhat like a Smartwatch or Smartband, but with the Sony Xperia Ear, users "listen" instead of looking. With the device, the user can answer phone calls, reply to text messages and emails, set the alarm, and search for music through voice commands. It is also capable of keeping tabs on the latest news, weather reports, and upcoming events scheduled in the user's phone calendar.

 The Sony Xperia Ear comes with its own "companion app" that is supposed to be able to work on any android device and not just Sony's. This companion app allows users to make basic customizations and changes. About some of the customizations the user can do are to be able to change the greeting and what happens when the user "long press" and "short press" the only button on the Sony Xperia Ear.

The Sony Xperia Ear according to Tech Times

The device by some measure is similar to Google Assistant and Apple's own Siri-enabled wireless ear buds called the Airpods. Reportedly, the device will be available in the December 13. The device's price is reported to be $199. Though the tiny earpiece comes in four colors, sadly, the Sony Xperia Ear will only be offered in black at the U.S. Why only black? Sony has yet to comment about this.

Some of its Specs and Features - Sony Mobile

Languages. The languages that it supports are English (UK), English (U.S.), German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Japanese. About if there will be an update for more languages in the future, Sony has made no announcements.

Compatibility. Though it has its own app for users to use it on other android devices, the host application compatibility are Android version 4.4 Kitkat or much higher. For Bluetooth, A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP.

Battery. Core unit 65 mAh, charging case 300mAh.

Dimensions. Core unit 15.2 x 29.3 x 24.3 mm, charging case 29 x 41 x 60mm.

Weight. Core unit 6.8g, Charging Case 39g.

Connectivity. Bluetooth 4.1, NFC.

Battery life. For talk time, it can last up to 4 hours. For talk time while in the charging case, it can last up to 16 hours. For standby time, it can last for up to 80 hours.

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