How One NES Classic Edition Successfully Sells for $88,000

When Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition game consoles in the market, they did not realize that a lot of people will be filled with enough nostalgia to buy one of their most popular consoles. There was a lot of public clamor that the game company ran ut of stocks. While a lot of people have been demanding, there are those who took advantage of the situation and sold the consoles at an exorbitant price to as much as $88,000.

The NES Classic Edition has been re-released by Nintendo for $60 but who would have thought that the recent short supply situation would result in some people selling the small classic console for thousands of dollars.

In case, you don't believe that you can scour eBay and you will find the NES Classic Edition console sellers who placed different price tags to them. Prices begin at $150 - $250, which is lower than others. Still, they are still expensive compared to the original price.

However, Shigeru Miyamoto himself will be in for some real shock if he sees the Nintendo console with price tags of $3,000 - $5,000. There are even those who were brave enough to put a $10,000 price tag to it. Here's the real whopper - somebody sold it for $88,000. But what's more shocking than that is someone actually bought it. According to the information on its eBay page, the NES Classic Edition was bought on November 11, 2016, at 6:43 PM. The page has a  label that proudly declared the item as sold.

Not until the console was sold did the reality struck that someone out there has the sheer fanaticism over something to shell out that amount of money. Is it really nostalgia or is it foolishness? No one knows for sure but the person who sold the $88K NES Classic Edition was one lucky guy or gal.

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