Dreams Take Over A Video Game In Awkward Dimensions Redux

What weird video game have you already tried? If you are into surrealism and dreams, something out of the ordinary, then Awkward Dimensions Redux may just be the game you are looking for. If you are tired of the usual hack and slash games or multiplayer battles, might just as well try this Indie adventure game that is sure to keep you awake... err- or asleep with wild dreams-whichever you prefer.

As Polygon calls it "a scattering of ideas that defy logic and comprehension", Awkward Dimensions Redux is dubbed as the "game about dreams and anxiety". It is a walking simulation indie game, free-to-play (go ahead and try it, nothing to lose here), and features over 18 short sections. Developed and published by StevenHarmonGames, your moves are limited to walking, jumping and inspecting. For puzzle lovers, you'd love this, too.

Awkward Dimensions Redux developer, Steven Harmon, is a high school student from Denver and based from the game alone, aims to showcase teenage angst, surrealism, "explores the disorientation of being" and "dreadful machinations of youthful relationships". Fascinated with both psychology and theater, the influence of these two subjects can clearly be defined as a major influence of his intriguing, bizarre game.

"The game became a venue for taking on the meaning of dreams as my aspirations in life and the fears that come with them, rather than literal dreams. It's a painting of a moment in my life where anyone can get in my head-space, learn everything about me during that time, if they look hard enough, then leave," Harmon explained.

Harmon further said that Awkward Dimensions Redux was a collection of dreams he recorded on his bed journal whenever he wakes up. "Once I created the assets and recreated the dream, I'd be able to experience it again. I'd be able to experience it for myself with some lucidity and even to some extent psychoanalyze myself through my own interpretations of my subconscious mind," Harmon added.

Awkward Dimensions Redux has been released last month and is currently having a 9 out of 10 rating at Steam. While games involve conquering anxiety through solving challenges, dreams do not allow these. Harmon concluded that all he wants is to better understand himself and to be understood which is why he created this work of a genius. "I feel video games are the only medium capable of doing this," Harmon said.

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