Losing Virginity Before 17 Can Cause Prostate Cancer

So far, prostate cancer has been linked to African ancestry, family history and age. Other causes also include obesity. But, a new factor has been directly linked to the disease. It's male promiscuity. Having sex with more partners apparently increases the risk of this type of cancer. Also, losing virginity before 17 can cause the disease.

While one cannot control factors like ancestry, family history and age; it is possible to control the other factors: obesity, losing virginity and promiscuity. According to a study involving 10,000 men has revealed that a man's sexual activities are directly linked to prostate cancer. The more number of sexual partners a man has, the more he has the chance of having this kind of cancer. The study results came in the International Journal of Cancer.

The study reveals that having more than seven sexual partners in the entire lifetime increases the risk of prostate cancer. The chance twice higher than those who have fewer than three sexual partners in their lifetime. Losing virginity before 17 can cause prostate cancer, according to the study.

In addition to male promiscuity, other factors related to the disease include the number of orgasms in a month. If a man has more than five orgasms in a month, he has higher chances of having prostate cancer. Boys who reach puberty earlier than others have higher chances of prostate cancer when they grow older.

Cancer Council NSW research fellow Visalini Nair-Shalliker explained why a man's sexual activity is linked to this kind of cancer. Metabolism and sexual activity are linked with the antigen which has a strong connection with prostate cancer. But, there is no direct suggestion from the researchers yet about reducing sexual activities.

"We can't make any recommendations around sexual activity because it's multi-faceted," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Dr Nair-Shalliker. "We're not saying 'increase or decrease your sexual activity' because the evidence is still grey about that."

While this study suggested losing virginity before 17 can cause prostate cancer, another study reported by The Guardian suggests drinking beer is linked with prostate cancer as well. Binge-drinking, as well as drinking a bottle of beer every day increases the risk. Thus, the moderate drinkers who thought they did not have the risk would have to think again.

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