HTC Might Consider Exiting The Smartphone Business

By Angelie Cagay , Nov 21, 2016 06:40 PM EST

HTC's mobile enterprise has been struggling for some time, despite the truth that we are massive followers of its most latest flagship device. That struggle might also soon come to an end, though, as there are rumors swirling that it will depart the smartphone commercial enterprise completely as quickly as spring 2017.

Rumors have been rounding up HTC Suffers Huge Losses

The today's rumors from some sources and suggest that due to ongoing losses in its smartphone business, HTC is searching to shutter it and promote it to any individual else instead. While there is little to endorse it has observed a buyer, the fact that HTC produced Google's well-received Pixel units suggests that the search engine large should snap up the cell manufacturing branch.

HTC Denies Selling Out Their Smartphone Business

However, as it turns out, perhaps it isn't so proper after all. According to the Taiwanese media , it appears that HTC has denied those rumors but has refused to go similarly in detail. We have yet to hear from HTC in the US involving these rumors, however, assuming the Taiwanese document is any accurate, we guess the employer isn't selling off their telephone enterprise after all. If HTC does design to promote off or shut down its smartphone enterprise in spring 2017, we will probably begin to see it making strikes in the coming months as it edges towards that feasible goal. Industry analysts will be gazing carefully to see what it does transfer forward.

Although HTC leaving the industry wouldn't create a big vacuum in the mobile space - it is leaving because of poor income after all - it does open up the flagship smartphone market a little, doubtlessly increasing the impact of new devices like the aforementioned Google handsets.If the corporation does figure out that its mobile division is a lost cause, it will be interesting to see who steps up to fill HTC's shoes.

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