One Direction News: Niall And Zayn's Awkward Encounter At AMA Caught On Cam; Malik Slammed For Dissing 1D

One of the most memorable parts of the recent AMA is when Zayn Malik just had to diss One Direction when he received his “Best New Artist” award. This came after Niall Hiran walked to Zayn at the start of the show for a quick greet. Fans are now slamming Zayn for not being nice to his former bandmates.

Now before the show even started and while celebrities walked their way through the red carpet, Niall was interviewed by Entertainment tonight. He expressed how excited he was for the show and the fact that Zayn will be at the same venue, whom he has not spoken to or seen for quite some time.

"I haven't spoken to him in a few months or whatever, and haven't seen him in a while, so I'm looking forward to seeing him," he said. Niall also shared how One Direction had been awarded and performed at in previous years so he is very much excited of the new memories he will have that night.

Now as the show started, one fan caught Niall on video as he walks through the audience with his entourage but makes it a point to say hi to Zayn with a handshake. Zayn, who looked like was caught off guard, gingerly took his hand for a brief handshake.

And then came the part when Zayn receives his award for the night as “Best New Artist” of the year. He seemed shocked with the announcement, but what really surprised the fans is when he said “this one just has my name on it, right?” even when he knew Niall is in the audience, watching him.

However, there are reports claiming that Zayn was just too shy to go first and say hi to his former bandmates, thinking that he will be ignored, so he just chose not to do so.

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