How The Nintendo Switch Can Revolutionize The Pokemon Universe

By Staff writer , Nov 22, 2016 04:51 AM EST

A new and upcoming Pokémon game, codenamed Pokémon Stars, is reportedly under development for the up and coming Nintendo Switch console, and will be officially released for the console at some point next year. According to multiple reports, several sources have conveyed the leaks that Nintendo is currently well into developing an upcoming 3rd version of Pokémon Sun and Moon that will be featuring the same map, locales and art style of the aforementioned 3DS games, but with some much-improved visuals.

Sneak peek of the game during Sun and Moons reveal

Pokémon Stars is reportedly being developed with separate, higher-resolution assets, one of which was first presented in the announcement teaser for Pokémon Sun and Moon that was released back in February 2016. During the video's quick glimpse at the studio, several shots of concept arts were shown, including a high-definition model of Pikipek that will apparently be incorporated in Pokémon Stars.

Players can transfer their Pokémon from Sun and Moon to Stars

Reports have also said that players will be able to trade their Pokémon from Sun and Moon to this newer Switch version via the Pokémon Bank app. Additionally, Pokémon Stars will also be featuring some additional creatures for players to collect, though this has not yet been confirmed by all of the outlet's sources.

Projected release date

Pokémon Stars was reportedly set for release in summer 2017 but has been pushed back further to sometime later next year. This newest Nintendo Switch version was rumored to be developed the same time with Pokémon Sun and Moon, and while developers had to opt to pause its development on Stars to finish up Sun and Moon, the team has currently resumed work on the upcoming Pokémon console game. Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon will be released later this week for the Nintendo 3DS. For more thoughts and reactions on the two new titles of new creature collecting games, check out more articles online.

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