Clash Royale Guide: How To Counter The Inferno Tower

The Inferno Tower is one of the most used defensive buildings in the game alongside the Tombstone. Many consider the IT to be an overpowered card but in actuality, it certainly is not as there's a lot of ways to counter the dreaded Inferno Tower. Today, we're going to learn the best strategies to counter IT and how to make positive Elixir trades against it.

Clash Royale Guide: How To Counter The Inferno Tower

Now, first thing to keep in mind is to know when your opponent will deploy the Inferno Tower. Usually the Inferno Tower is used as a Tank killer and therefore, your opponent will usually deploy the IT once you set up a tank + support siege. Reading your opponent is the key to making positive Elixir trades against the card. The main focus of this guide is to help Tank (Lava Hounds, Golems or Giant) decks against the Inferno Tower.


If you're running a Giant deck, you'd want to bait out your opponent's IT using the card and then use distraction cards (Minion Horde, Tombstone or Graveyard) to keep the enemy IT from hitting the tank. You'd want to use Zap to reset the IT's focus if it's hitting on your Giant. This way, your opponent will be forced to use more Elixir to deal against the push, making positive trades in the process.

Lava Hound

Now the common mistakes for Lava Hound users are that they try to sustain the Tank rather than the support minions that comes alongside it. Basically what you need to do is to use the Lava Hound as the distraction for the supporting troops to destroy the enemy IT. Now if you have the Graveyard spell then you'd definitely be able to take out your opponent's IT using the Lava Hound + Graveyard combo. Be sure to have Fireball or Zap spell ready for the enemy's counter-play.

Royal Giant

Now this is the card that can easily take down your opponent's IT. If you have a Royal Giant then add it into your tank deck to easily take down the IT. Now the trick for this is to deploy your Tank (Golem or Giant Skeleton) far behind your King's Tower. Once it's near the bridge, drop down your Royal Giant to take out your enemy's IT. The surprise drop of Royal Giant will prevent your opponent from directly taking out the card. Using the RG, you'll easily demolish any defensive buildings including the IT.

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